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Thursday, February 5, 2009 11:41 PM
The threat of online security: How safe is our data?

As Internet use is developing, more and more people rely on computers to create, store and manage critical information. Consequently, it is important for users to aware that computer security plays a major role in protecting their data from loss, damage, and misuse. Similarly, online security has been online trader’s main concern in protecting their websites from potential threats, such as phishing, security hacking, information theft, virus, worms and etc.

There are few type of internet threat that appear in the internet, let us go through three of the most popular threat:

Virus is a malicious software that attaches itself to other software. For example, a patched software application in which the patch's algorithm is designed to implement the same patch on other applications, thereby replicating. It replicates within computer system, potentially attaching itself to every software application. Behavior categories of viruses are Innocuous, Humorous, Data altering and Catastrophic.

Worm is another malicious software which is a stand alone application. It's often designed to propagate through a network, rather than just a single computer. When your computer is infect of worm, computer will slow starting or slow running. It'll also face unexpected or frequent system failures.

Trojan Horse is a worm which pretends to be a useful program or a Virus which is purposely attached to a useful program prior to distribution. It's same as Virus or Worm, but also sometimes used to send information back to or make information available to perpetrator. Trojan unlike worms, which self propagate, requires user cooperation.

A back door is a set of instructions in a program that allow users to bypass security control when accessing a program, computer, or network. Once perpetrators gain access to unsecure computers, they often install a back door or modify an existing program to include a back door, enabling them to continue to access the computers remotely without the user’s knowledge.

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