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Sunday, February 8, 2009 8:43 PM
A review on "circulation of computer virus" April 11 2008 Mr. Hen's blog

Computer virus, worms, trojans. What they have in common? We all hate them! And the worst thing is, it brings potential danger to our computer system. With millions of malware circulating on the internet, it seems that every website that we visit, every file we download poses a certain amount of risk of virus infection. With such variety of viruses, even the strongest Anti-virus cannot remove or block every single virus. Even with frequent updates, the result will still be the same as malwares continue to grow and multiply at a rate that anti-virus software companies like Symantec fails to update the database on the latest viruses.

With limited protection from anti-virus program, the viruses failed to be detected gets into our system, hide itself, multiply and be distributed to other computers through internet or commonly on pen drives as well as other external storages. This should explain why there are still so many undetected viruses lurking on the internet. Study shows that a Microsoft window based pc (window XP,Vista,98,ME) are most likely to be exposed to virus infection since it is the most used operating system in the world. Rumor has is that it has weaker security (which is easier to hack and more vulnerable to malwares) compare to other operating system such as linux or macintosh because of the code structure that the use. We don’t really know whether this is true but the experts are working on it to give us the answer that we’ve been long waiting for.


Remember the virus that circulates through windows messenger which there is an attachment containing virus? A lot of my friends had been infected by that virus even when it is so obvious that it is a malware. The point is, as a internet user, we must always be skeptical as danger is just around every corner. As the old saying goes “curiosity kills the cat” make sure we KNOW what we are clicking, or your curiosity might just kill you computer, or even kill me if I’m the one who will fix your computer. Because of that, human are responsible on keep the never ending growth and circulation of viruses on the net. Not to mention the extra “contribution” from hackers and virus coders.

As a computer user, we must do our part to prevent the outspread of virus on the internet. Get a decent anti-virus and firewall software, or better still an anti-virus suite to protect yourself today. Stop the madness or it will not be long until terminator will take over the world!

Ps – Find me if you need help on computer, I’d be glad to help! Please leave your questions using the comment box. In the mean time... watch this funny video after a long reading.

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