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Tuesday, February 24, 2009 12:33 AM
Kevin's review on Mr hen's blog - New ruling for cyber cafes

Once again its another "talk the talk" but no "walk the walk" which you can only find in our homeland. Its been almost a year since this issue has been addressed, but i don't see any action taken yet so far. But, anyway its a good news to cybercafe owners as in my own opinion the new ruling definitely will put an end to this industry. (Which is why Tbun cybercafe, just in front of UTAR sg long had close down as its wiser to retreat then waiting to be slaughter, in my opinion) I've grown up to be a game addict, and this reminds me about the olden days when i "socialize" with my buddies through gaming in cybercafes nearby Ktar setapak. With my "experience", i will highlight the new rules that will doom the business.

Ahhhhh..those were the days...

1st ruling : Cybercafe outlets had to close by midnight daily.

This ruling alone laid the path to devastation to all cybercafes. As what i know, most cybercafes makes most of their profit after midnight. If memories serves me right, its quite impossible to get a "computer" once the clock strikes twelve, in the morning of course. And have you notice that most cybercafes operates 24/7? The reason seems to be clearer now.

2nd ruling : Prohibited from providing gaming activities, gambling, pornography, music and
publications with negative element

I would like to give credit to the minister upon the prohibition of gambling, pornography, and publications with negative elements but not on the prohibition on gaming activities. I believe instead of net surfing, gaming is one and only reason for the existence of cybercafes in the first place. Gamers had laid their roots on CC ever since gaming was introduce in the premises. And since then, gamers made up the majority profit of CC in malaysia as well as around the globe. Therefore, banning games in cc will lead to two chain reaction, which i believe it is true.

No games = no customers = no profit = less/no tax = poorer government = more corruption

No games = no need acquire gaming license = game developers less profit = less tax = poorer government = more corruption

Even without the new ruling, cybercafes owner finds hard time to substain their business moreover from the unnecessary legal bombardment courtesy from the gov. By referring to a post by Mr Lim Kit Siang (one of the elite from DAP) i would doubt there will be any cybercafes in malaysia in the near future. Its hard to win a losing battle and it gets even harder when all odd is against you. Hopefully the ministry will rethink or scrap their idea on this new rulings.

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