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Friday, January 16, 2009 12:37 PM
VIRUS DETECTED!!!! Please shut down your computer..

Testing testing 123.. *ahem ahem*

WUHOOOOO!! Our first blogggggggggggggg!!!! what an amazing feeling :) Let's start this blog off with my team member's introduction about themselves, shall we?


hihi~ Wan Ling as the first member here. There's a total of four member which is very strong and diabolical. So you all must be careful with these people. Be aware! Haha. I am actually the good person, not the bad one. Although my other member is very mean and bad but I still like them very much.

My name is Wong Wan Ling, and I am from Sepang. This is way I can heard the sound of airplane in my house every single day..haha..I'm one of the group 9 member, the most cheerful girl in class. Although no people agree with me but i still think i'm still beautiful because i am full of confident. In my university life, i find pleasure in bullying and bluffing my naive group member. Every time I successfully bluff them i will feel very happy. This shows that i am actually a talkative and noise girl.

My hobbies are talking, sleeping, travelling, watching TV and so on (it seems like i love to do everything haha)..My Favourite Website are

1. http://www.google.com/ is a very good search engine to help searching on web.

2. http://www.hotmail.com/ is to check the mail everyday.

3. http://www.facebook.com/ - to meet a new friends, photo, blog and play game.

4. http://www.tvbnow.com/ - to help me to download the lastest movie and song.

5. http://www.chinapress.com/ - to reading the chinese news which is free ^^

The activities I often do on internet are chatting, downloading the files which i need, checking email, reading newspaper and searching the lastest updating. Hehe Enjoy!


My name is Choi Pui Yee. I am 22 years old and currently studying in University Tunku Abdul Rahman, majoring in Accountancy. I am Y3S1 student from group 9 and now I successfully step into final year. My hobbies are shopping, travelling and swimming. Next, my favourite academic subject is Business Finance, probably because I like to plan and analyse my personal future finance.

Internet connectivity is the most convenient and easiest software that bring us closer to worldwide. We can easily get any information that we need through internet. The top 5 websites that I visited the most is hotmail, http://www.hotmail.com/ which I used to check my mail everyday.

Next, http://www.wble.edu.my/ which also most frequent website I used to surf. Wble intranet has provided me another alternative to download past year question, lecture note and get more updated information or announcement.

Beside this, http://www.scholar.google.com/ as we known as Scholar Google is the best search engine website so I feel extensively and reliable on this website for all kinds of online research and services finding. It is also helpful for me to search for academic papers like journal, article or review of any liable topic especially when I am conducting my research studies.

On the other hand, I love to write blogs so http://www.blogspot.com/ also one of the website that I often visit. I like to share my story and experience in blog and by writing blog, we can also improve our writing skills.

Lastly, http://www.facebook.com/ it is useful when you want to make friends from other country and stay connect to people around the world. While, the top 5 internet activities that I often did are chatting, blogging, listening to songs, searching useful information and downloading files.


My name is Lizzie (Tang Li Zhi). Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Staying at Cheras. Youngest in the family (now,don't be a stereotype because being the youngest doesn't mean I'm a spoiled brat. If you ask me, I'll say I am actually a very responsible and sensible girl. heh.) My horoscope is Taurus and normally people tend to believe that Taurus are easily angered, aggresive and stuborn. But I must clarify that I am a nothing but a gentle, polite and an animal loving girl (3 cheers for me! Wohoo!!)

Some weird facts about me, I may be a chinese but i don't know how to read or write chinese words and throughout my life, I've been mixing with alot of different people ,thus giving me the chance to understand more about their culture. For example, during my secondary school, I enjoyed singing a few hindustan songs, then I started singing malay songs, then it was a few chinese songs ..but but but! My favourite song is still english oldies. So basically, my hobby is SINGING! (lalalaaaa~~ do re mi fa so la ti do~~) too bad I have a very pitchy and out of tune voice (why God! whyyyyy! T____T sad face) So I ended up singing while bathing only :-( Other then that, I enjoy surfing the internet as well. My all time favourite website are:

I love his blog because he is sarcastic and funny and fat. I feel the connection with him since I'm fat too. Plus, he normally blogs about his experience with amazing people,places and food in asia.

MY FAVOURITE FORUM! I write down my opinion about issue like relationship, computer problems, education, fashion, politics, world news etc. Whether it's opinion,problem,suggestion, or just pure spamming, this is the place to go. Not only that, you can do some (internet) window shopping for clothes and other cool gadgets too. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?!!! *throws confetti and celebrates*

Another favourite blog of mine! This blogger is really cute and she is so random and funny! :) and she's a malaysian studying abroad in US and she loves to travel so I get to see other country's beautiful scenery!

This blog belong to a UTAR lecturer therefore making this an informal UTAR BLOG! And we must always support our own university's blog! UTAR "My Choice"!!! XD Plus we can get many useful information about e-commerce just by surfing through the blog.

Just recently started to visit this blog because it is THE BEST BLOG IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE! (or university) haha. Enough said.

*ahem* MOVING ON!

My favourite internet past time/activities are reading funny and sometimes useful blog, surf for clothes and do some window shopping (can see or buy items that is not available in Malaysia. SUPER COOL), participating in forums, reading news or entertainment gossips, and doing other fun activities like learning html, design and our blogs layout.Well, that's all about me and I hope you guys enjoy reading as much as i enjoy blogging :)
byeeeeeee muaks muaks muaks~ *cyber kisses*


Thanks for visiting our crib. I know it looks great, thanks for the compliments (For self satisfaction purposes only) All thanks to my group members on their effort to put up such magnificent blog which is a talent that I lack of. (note: I’m the only guy in this group =.=)

Alright, my name is Wong Kevin. Yes. Its Wong Kevin instead of Kevin Wong, a very weird name and I’ve been seeking answers from my parents for years on the reason behind the “unique” name.
I stay in petaling jaya, just opposite of UTAR PJ branch. This is another “weirdness” from me besides my name. Why is that weird? My friends often ask me, why didn’t I study in UTAR PJ branch, instead I’ve come all the way from PJ to SG long UTAR to get my degree. The answer is simple, UTAR PJ DOES NOT HAVE ACCOUNTING COURSE. XD

I’ve often been mistaken for a guy that is silent and does not communicate well with people. No no no, I’m not like that actually, is just that sometimes I’m really blur that I don’t even know what come out from my mouth, and I often spaced out when talking with people. LOL

Since my name is so weird, the place I live also weird, the friends I know also weird, my hobbies are also weird as well. I enjoy driving. YES!!! DRIVING!!! I love to drive… but I hate the unethical drivers out there. My good driving experience often turns into mindless cursing with all the F’s and D’s and hoping that those driver will crash burn and MUAHAHAHA.. (18SG – Don’t try this at.. CAR) Anyway, i also enjoy looking at mini stuff. (doesn’t include mini “You know what I mean thing”)

Basically, I’ve always used up half of my day in net surfing, these are some of the sites that i often visit.

1) http://www.google.com/ - Need me to say more?

2) http://www.group9look.blogspot.com/ – how can I not visit my groups blog since its so beautiful!!

3) http://www.forexfactory.com/ – This is where I learn how to trade for a better future!

4) http://www.babypips.com/ - Another forex website with plenty of resource to make me RICH!! In the

5) http://www.kennysia.com/ – A Malaysian blogger which i enjoy looking at his fat tummy and hilarious
blogging style.

6) http://www.unfortunately-there-is-too-many-sites-that-i-love-to-visit-that-takes-me-years-to-list-it.com/

My favorite internet activities are looking at pictures of cats with funny captions, http://www.icanhascheezburger.com/ my favorite cat is babushka cat, what’s yours? I also waste my time looking for epic videos in youtube. Those crazy videos give me a sigh of relieve that I’m not really that weird after all. Another part of my time is spent on looking for articles for assignments which is a very pain staking process. Most of the time I spent on online games as well as analyzing candlestick charts that I find rather frustrating because I always get killed in the game and candlestick charts doesn’t really made out of real colorful candles! (Traders will know what I mean… >.<) So, lets put and end to this torturous reading at my introduction. Enjoy the blog!!